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Eaton Arrowsmith School®

Located at sites in Vancouver, Victoria and White Rock, Eaton Arrowsmith School is modeled after the Arrowsmith School in Toronto, which has been operating the Arrowsmith Program successfully since 1980. The Arrowsmith Program, created by Barbara Arrowsmith Young, is based on the principal of neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain to essentially rewire itself with training. Supported by 30 years of experience, the Arrowsmith Program links neuroplasticity and education by demonstrating that it is possible for individuals to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning difficulties through a program of specific cognitive exercises.

The Eaton Arrowsmith School sites accept students in grades 1 through 12. The Arrowsmith program delivered within our schools requires the dedication and focused effort of students and parents. Students show great tenacity and perseverance as they work towards completion of their individualized program. The specialized training and compassion of the staff, together with the school’s culture of safety, respect, fairness, immediacy and trust, contribute to each student’s growth and success.

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The Magnussen School was established with a vision to educate children with various learning characteristics and needs. Magnussen School follows the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum requirements, but also allows for differentiated instruction. That is, projects designed to meet the individual interests and learning styles of students will be developed and will encourage students to go above and beyond their own expectations. It is important that students have some choice in what they might want to study and learn within a given subject topic. Hands on activities are encouraged as often as possible. Field trips and opportunities to work with professional mentors on the UBC campus, where the school is located, facilitates active dialogue in current ideas, research and issues facing our world today.

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Using the Arrowsmith Program, Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre (ECIC) enables young adults to strengthen their learning capacities, so that learning becomes easier and more efficient. The Arrowsmith Program, founded in Toronto, Canada by Barbara Arrowsmith Young, is rooted in neuroscientific research and over 30 years of experience demonstrating that it is possible for individuals to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning disabilities through a program of specific cognitive exercises. The resulting improved cognitive capacities lead to greater ease and rate of learning, as well as improved opportunities for college/university programming and employment.

Students, typically ages 18-30, come to ECIC with varied needs and goals. Some are preparing for the GED or plan to work on completing their high school through working towards a Dogwood. Others are in transition from high school to post-secondary, while still others are preparing for new employment opportunities. The flexibility of ECIC’s schedule, which offers both morning and afternoon sessions Monday through Friday, as well as part-time options, allows these students to work during the week, or to take courses, while participating in the program. ECIC operates on a September to June schedule, with a Winter Break and a Spring Beak, and has locations in Vancouver and West Vancouver.

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