Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre is currently accepting applications from families of students who wish to enroll in the 2011-2012 academic years. Admissions are accepted throughout the school year, depending on availability of space. Please contact Admissions if you have any questions about the admissions process.

All students accepted into Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre will require a full Arrowsmith Program assessment to customize their cognitive program. The assessment is not a pre-requirement for acceptance into the program. Please see the Individualized Program page for more information.

Next Steps…

Listen to an interview with our Vancouver Admissions Director, Sandra Heusel, by Travis Allison, the Social Media Manager for Our Kid ( The interview (approximately 30 minutes) answers many questions for people interested in learning more about Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre and the Arrowsmith Program in general.

Play the Interview with Vancouver Admissions Director, Sandra Heusel

Is the Arrowsmith Program suitable for your child?

The typical student at Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre:

  • is of average or above average intelligence, yet has demonstrated difficulty in academic and/or social situations due to the combination of his/her cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • has a combination of the learning dysfunctions that are described in the Descriptions of 19 Dysfunctions on the EAS web site and brochure
  • is between six and eighteen years old (there is also a Young Adult Program for students 19 years and older through the Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre)
  • does not suffer from emotional or behavioural disorders that would significantly affect his or her ability to participate in the Arrowsmith Program.
  • does not suffer from acquired brain injury or severe intellectual or cognitive disorders such as universal global delay, mental retardation, developmental delay, Down Syndrome, Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

* Please note that students applying to Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre do not need to have a diagnosed learning disability in order to be accepted.

What to do before contacting Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre:

Please review the Descriptions of 19 Dysfunctions on this web site to see if there is a match between your child’s areas of difficulty and the areas described in this list.  Experience and research has shown that the Arrowsmith Program has proven to be most effective with students of average or above average intelligence who have identifiable difficulties involving a combination of learning dysfunctions.  These students will ordinarily be experiencing problems with reading, writing, mathematics, understanding or dyslexia, and may also have attention deficit disorder accompanying their learning disabilities.

How to contact us:

If it appears your child may be a suitable candidate for the Arrowsmith Program, please contact either the Vancouver school or Victoria school or submit an online Admissions Inquiry. Please ensure that a daytime telephone number and the most convenient time to call is included in your communication.

How the admissions process works / what to do:

In conversation with EAS reception, a telephone meeting will be set up with the Admissions Director.

Prior to the admissions conversation, prospective parents will be encouraged to review the video as well as the 19 areas of learning dysfunctions on the EAS website.

During this telephone meeting, the Admissions Director will ask you to provide as much information about your child as possible, including: strengths, perceived weaknesses, academic history and social abilities.  Conversations about your child and his or her learning experience are invaluable insights and help to determine the suitability of the program for your child.

At the end of the conversation the Admissions Director will give you an indication as to your child’s eligibility for the program.  In order to secure a place at EAS, enrollment documents must be submitted, and applicable tuition fees are due in order to proceed to the next step: assessment to create an individualized program.

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