Cognitive Programs

Cognitive Programs

Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre provides both a cognitive and academic program. Upon completion of the program, most students will be able to return to a full academic curriculum without the need for additional support.

Each new student will be assessed at Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre in order to fully identify his or her areas of weakness and to design an appropriate program of brain exercises. Please see the Individualized Program page of this web site for more information about the assessment process.

Student progress during the year is monitored closely by the classroom teachers and recorded monthly in the on-line Record of Program. Students in the full-time program are assessed once during the year in May, and parents are provided with a written report on their child’s progress on the exercise programs and in the academic program.

Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre currently offers two types of part-time programs:

Students enrolling in a part-time program will fit the profile of the typical Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre student in that they:

  • will be of average or above average intelligence
  • do not suffer from emotional or behavioural disorders that would significantly affect their participation in the Arrowsmith Program
  • do not suffer from acquired brain injury or severe intellectual or cognitive disorders such as universal global delay, mental retardation, developmental delay, Down Syndrome, Autism, pervasive developmental disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome.

1. The Part-time Program:

Students entering into this program will work on only one exercise and will require the full Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre assessment in order that appropriate program can be designed.

The after school part-time program begins in October and continues until June. Classes are held twice a week at Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre and are two hours in length starting at 4:00 p.m. and ending at 6:00 p.m.

Please see the Individualized Program and Admissions pages of this web site for information about assessment procedures and the admissions process.

2. The Motor Symbol Sequencing (MSS) Program:

A student with a motor symbol sequencing dysfunction will have some or all of the following problems:

  • difficulty with the mechanical aspect of writing
  • difficulty putting words on paper
  • messy handwriting and can make careless errors in spelling and math
  • difficulty with forming letters and with motor planning in writing
  • poor eye tracking when reading

For a more complete description of this dysfunction, please refer to the List of 19 Learning Dysfunctions section of this web site.

The Motor Symbol Sequencing program is only one component of the Arrowsmith Program and the typical student will have other areas of learning difficulty that this exercise does not address and which will continue to cause the student difficulty.

The Motor Symbol Sequencing Program runs from the beginning of October to the middle of June and consists of 18 two-hour sessions at Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre.  This program includes instruction and training in the exercises, and ongoing monitoring by Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre teachers.  The following materials and exercise sheets are provided:

  • Tracing sheets
  • Word exercise booklets
  • One red Pilot Fineliner pen per month
  • One stopwatch timer (to be purchased from Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre)
  • One eye patch

At the beginning of the program the student will complete a writing sample.  The full Arrowsmith Assessment is not required for this program.

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