Individualized Program

Individualized Program

What is involved in the assessment process?

Each student is assessed using tests developed at Arrowsmith School in Toronto as well as standardized tests of mental ability and academic skills.  These include achievement tests assessing word recognition, spelling, reading comprehension, writing, arithmetic, tests of mental ability, as well as tests assessing the levels of strength and weakness of each of the areas of learning dysfunction (as described in the Descriptions of 19 Learning Dysfunctions).  The tests are used to identify the student’s specific learning dysfunctions and will also be used as the basis for designing his or her individual program of brain exercises when the student enrolls at Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre.

Assessment process:

The assessment of each student is conducted by an assessor using a web-based program developed by Arrowsmith that examines the cognitive strengths and weakness of the student, as well as standardized achievement tests. The initial assessment is conducted after the student enrolls and there is a further assessment at the end of each school year. The assessment takes approximately 6 hours to complete and is generally scheduled over two days, at times that are most convenient to the student and his or her family.

If a student is admitted when the school year is in progress, the assessment will be incorporated into the student’s regular school day at EAS. If the student is admitted during the summer months, arrangements will be made to have him or her come to EAS to complete the assessment.

The assessment process also includes a number of questions that can be completed by the parents, a teacher and/or the students themselves, as the circumstances require.

When complete, the assessment results are transmitted to Arrowsmith in Toronto in an encrypted format using a secure link.  Results are used to produce an Individual Learning Profile for each student.  This profile describes the student’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, which allows for the creation of an individualized program of cognitive exercises for each student.

Once the individualized program is created, Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre will arrange a meeting with the student’s family. During this meeting, a written profile of the student’s specific strengths and weakness in each of the 19 areas of learning dysfunction will be provided, in addition to an explanation of the student’s individualized program.

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