International Students

Currently enrolled at EAS Vancouver and EAS Victoria are students from the United States, including students from: Seattle, Washington; San Francisco, and Los Angeles, California; and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Other students have come to Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre from Taipei, Taiwan; London, England, and Sydney, Australia. EAS also receives international visits from professionals in the field who are interested in the unique atmosphere and programs available at the school. These visitors come from as far away as Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Japan and Australia.

Home cities of selected EAS International Students

A number of options are available for international students and families interested in attending Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre. Some families choose to move to Vancouver or Victoria while their son or daughter attends EAS. Other students board with friends or family in Vancouver or Victoria. Others still commute to Vancouver or Victoria from Washington. If you are interested in hearing more about the options available for international students, please call or e-mail either the Vancouver or Victoria school.

To read about the experiences of some of Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre’s international students, please see our International Student Testimonials page. Find out what you need to know if you are interested in moving to Vancouver.

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