Updates and Research

Updates and Research

Dear Parents, Colleagues, and Prospective Clients:

Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre (EAS) continues to receive many inquiries regarding the nature of the Arrowsmith Program and the effects it has on children and young adults with learning disabilities. Visitors from Ministries of Education across Canada, and from both private and public school teachers and special education administrators have toured the school.  Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre receives calls from parents across the United States on a weekly basis, and also receives international inquiries from as far as away as Dubai. Several families have moved to Vancouver in order to enable their children to attend EAS, including three families who moved from California. It is heartening to hear the positive feedback from students and parents, and it is exciting to see the amazement of our visitors as they finish their in-school observations of students working on cognitive programs. There is hope that both public and private school institutions will continue to implement Arrowsmith Programs in their own schools.

The Arrowsmith Program has also undergone a number of research evaluations with excellent results.  The most recent research was conducted through a grant from the Donner Canadian Foundation.  For a complete report of this research, please see: http://www.arrowsmithschool.org/research.htm.

It is important to note that EAS is now becoming more involved in the research community at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Over the last six months EAS has started the process of forming research partnerships with both the Brain Research Centre and Department of Psychology at UBC. In the book, “Train Your Mind Change Your Brain: How A New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential To Transform Ourselves,” author Sharon Begley writes,

As a result of the visits from professionals in the field, recent research on the Arrowsmith Program, and the feedback from both parents and students regarding the impact the Arrowsmith Program is having on their lives, interest in EAS and EAS admissions grows weekly.  Please contact EAS administration if you are interested in learning more about our school, or to sign up for an Information Session. If you would like to receive updates and information about EAS, the Arrowsmith Program, neuroplasticity, and the field of learning disabilities, please join our mailing list.


Howard Eaton, Director, Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre

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