Vancouver Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre’s website. As you peruse the site you will find a wealth of information on our school and the education that we provide for students who have difficulty learning in a traditional school setting. At Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre, our mission is to strengthen the capacities of a student’s learning and attention potentials through cognitive exercises designed to stimulate weaker brain areas.

In our seventh year of operation, our school is located on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada. We are classified as a Group 3 school with the Ministry of Education and a member of the British Columbia Federation of Independent Schools. Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre’s primary curriculum is the Arrowsmith program. The Arrowsmith Program is a solutions based approach to working with students with learning disabilities. What differs from many other schools is that the Arrowsmith program moves away from utilizing various compensation techniques to assist students who have challenges with learning and instead target and strengthen weaker cognitive abilities. On average a student in the Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre will attend for three to four years in a full-time program. Once a student has completed their individualized program they will then transition back to a full academic program with an increased capacity to learn new information in a classroom setting.

I invite you to continue reading through our website to learn more about Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre and its community. Our staff is strongly committed to providing measureable results for students with learning differences and working with them to achieve their goals in this program and in other areas of life. Each month at our school we have a variety of clubs and events taking place; such as The Arrow school newspaper club, an SPCA club, Running club, Yoga club, and a Glee club. Our teachers’ passions to help our students become well rounded individuals while increasing their cognitive abilities is of great importance. We believe that with continuous and effective communication, and a talented staff, Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre is one of the premier schools in Canada for children with learning differences.

Simon Hayes, Principal

Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre Vancouver

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