Vision and Culture

Vision and Culture

Reduce or Eliminate Need for Learning Support

Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre is dedicated to strengthening learning capacities of children with learning disabilities and attention disorders so that they can reduce or eliminate the need for extra educational support. Our approach differs from most other schools that help students compensate for their cognitive weaknesses by working around their learning problems.

A Different Approach to Children with Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Disorders

Instead of teaching a child with learning disabilities and/or attention disorders to rely on compensation techniques, Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre strengthens learning capacities by specifically targeting a child’s cognitive weaknesses with cognitive remediation exercises. By addressing the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning disabilities, after a three- to four-year program, students will transition back to a typical academic curriculum where they can function with reduced, and in many cases without extra learning support from a school’s resource centre or accommodations to aid previous learning weaknesses.

Core Communication Values

In preparation for the opening of Eaton Arrowsmith Learning Centre the staff members met to discuss the type of school culture they wanted to create. They came up with a descriptive list of values they deemed important to creating an exceptional and progressive environment. Much discussion ensued in an attempt to select from the extensive list five key words that could serve to inspire and guide staff to creating the school they envisioned. The chosen five words are:

Respect   Fairness   Immediacy   Safe   Trust

These words serve to underpin the culture of the school with a breadth that includes interactions with students and their families.

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